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  • Full Range

    Danley SH96HO

    This loudspeaker offers an extraordinary design that features 11 drivers coupled to a single Synergy Horn™ that includes four 15-inch drivers, six 4-inch mid-range drivers and a 1.4-inch-high exit HF compression driver – all mounted within a 45-inch x 26-inch horn.

  • Full Range

    Danley SM60F

    Offering full range performance in a very compact box, the SM60F packs quite a bit into its frame. It also has the added benefit of truly modular array-ability. Combining great fidelity, low frequency pattern control and unrivaled magnitude/phase response into an ultra-compact enclosure, the SM60F is ready to handle whatever you can throw at it.

  • Subs

    Danley TH118XL

    A variation of the famous TH118, this subwoofer is equally useful indoors and out and produces extreme power on the low end. The tapped horn design takes full advantage of the driver element by doubling its output ability. The result is more volume from less input.