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    Martin CTX

    The CTX is a passive subwoofer loudspeaker system designed for professional applications where both compact size and high output are required. It is extremely efficient and combines superior dynamic performance with smooth natural reproduction. Coupled with the Martin Audio CT2 top, it is also particularly well suited for music playback in discotheques

  • Monitors

    Martin LE400

    The high power LE400C is part of the family of the hugely successful industry standard Martin LE wedge monitors. The LE400C is a switchable passive/active monitor. In the passive mode the crossover ensures that the mid-band performance is smooth both on and off axis to significantly reduce the potential for feedback in a performance situation.

  • Full Range

    Martin W8

    The W8 is a highly efficient 3-way touring sound reinforcement system which achieves full-frequency performance down to 80Hz. Its 55 ĚŠ horizontal dispersion pattern and trapezoid footprint allow it to be arrayed to suit a variety of medium and large-scale theatre and live sound applications.

  • Full Range

    Martin W8C

    Ground-breaking three-way technology marries a low-mid horn-loaded 12″ (300mm) cone drive unit with a unique combination of 6.5″ (165mm) high-mid driver loaded by toroidal phase plug and horn plus a 1″ (25mm) exit HF device, optimised for very high frequencies. The result – a remarkably clean, transparent sound, far lower distortion and increased overall output.

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    Martin WSX

    The WSX is a folded horn subwoofer which has been specifically designed to reproduce very deep bass frequencies with maximum efficiency, speed and impact.