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  • Full Range

    Martin W8

    The W8 is a highly efficient 3-way touring sound reinforcement system which achieves full-frequency performance down to 80Hz. Its 55 ĚŠ horizontal dispersion pattern and trapezoid footprint allow it to be arrayed to suit a variety of medium and large-scale theatre and live sound applications.

  • Full Range

    Martin W8C

    Ground-breaking three-way technology marries a low-mid horn-loaded 12″ (300mm) cone drive unit with a unique combination of 6.5″ (165mm) high-mid driver loaded by toroidal phase plug and horn plus a 1″ (25mm) exit HF device, optimised for very high frequencies. The result – a remarkably clean, transparent sound, far lower distortion and increased overall output.

  • Subs

    Martin WSX

    The WSX is a folded horn subwoofer which has been specifically designed to reproduce very deep bass frequencies with maximum efficiency, speed and impact.